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Michael Cole’s voice heard along with piped in crowd noise during Drew McIntyre’s entrance on WWE Raw

As noted earlier, there were CM Punk chants during WWE Raw in Chicago but it wasn’t clear how loud the chants were because WWE can lower the crowd audio on the live broadcast.

It appears that WWE has decided to continue pipe in crowd noise like they were doing during the ThunderDome shows.

At one point during Raw, Michael Cole’s voice was heard during Drew McIntyre’s entrance and at various points during the show, the crowd noise heard on the broadcast did not match what the crowd was doing on the screen.

In the clips posted below, you can hear Cole’s voice yelling about a “16-time world champion” while Jimmy Smith was talking.

As noted earlier, there were “we want Wyatt” chants during the opening segment between Bobby Lashley and Goldberg segment. There were CM Punk chants throughout the show, including during the Doudrop vs. Tamina match.

UPDATE: We’re told that the Michael Cole audio is from a SummerSlam commercial and not meant to be piped in noise. Basically, it was a production mix-up.

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