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Dana White: Vince McMahon is a "f*cking maniac"

UFC President Dana White appeared on this the latest edition of Ric Flair's podcast.

"I’ve been working, or trying to work with Vince for years. It was obviously very difficult Vince is a maniac. He’s a f**king competitor, man. That’s what he is. If you look at what Vince McMahon has accomplished in all of his years, and to still be on top, still doing it, the guy’s got enough money, he’s in it because he loves it. He’s in it because he’s passionate about it."

White added, "I would say that this last Brock deal [for his fight at UFC 200], and when Ronda went over and did the WWE WrestleMania, I’d say those were the two, out of all the years of dealing with Vince and everybody, those were probably the two best experiences. I think that Vince, and definitely Stephanie and Triple H...Stephanie and Triple H are always great [and] always cool to work with. Vince has been very difficult in the past, but in the last several years he’s been much better."

White has a respect for McMahon even though they are competitors on some level. He said, "He’s a f**king maniac, he’s an animal, he’s a competitor, he wants to win, and you know, that’s his nature, and I respect it." Flair jokingly said that Vince does not delegate authority well.

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White confirmed that Ronda Rousey had a few minor surgeries and she's training for her return and she is targeting a return for later this year but she will not be fighting on the Madison Square Garden show in New York. Flair's co-host Conrad Thompson asked if there would be more UFC stars on WWE programming. White said that WWE hasn't reached out to him on that so he doesn't know but every pro wrestler he has met has been cool with him and he is sure that something will be worked out again.

White also talked about meeting Brock Lesnar for the first time several years ago, Lesnar's return against Mark Hunt, CM Punk's upcoming UFC debut and more.

Former WWE/TNA World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle is also on the show this week and Flair gave his thoughts on some of the top stories of the week including Conor McGregor's win over Nate Diaz, SummerSlam, Chris Jericho's toughness, WWE's introduction of another world title and more. You can subscribe to The Ric Flair Show via iTunes. Click on the player below to listen to the recent podcast with Dana White and Kurt Angle.