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Daniel Bryan will respond to The Miz' comments from Talking Smack



WWE has announced that Daniel Bryan will be responding to the comments made about The Miz on last week's Talking Smack. Bryan will be responding on this week's episode of Smackdown Live.

For those that missed it, The Miz cut a hell of a promo on Daniel Bryan in response to Bryan saying that Miz wrestles a soft style. Miz basically told Bryan that he should quit WWE and go back to wrestling in bingo halls on the independent scene. Bryan told Miz that he would wrestle again if "they" would let him. Miz ripped on Bryan and called him a coward for not coming back after promising the fans that he would return to reclaim the Intercontinental title.

Bryan eventually walked off the set and Miz continued on about the respect he feels he deserves. You can check out the segment from last week by clicking here.

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