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Details on who knew about the Undertaker-Brock Lesnar finish and who made the call to end the streak

There have been reports online regarding who did and didn’t know about the finish of Sunday’s Brock Lesnar-Undertaker match.  Only a few people knew before Sunday and it was Vince McMahon who likely made the call. None of the agents knew and the script for the show did not have a finish listed but for WrestleMania that is not unusual and that was not the only match listed without a finish on the script. Outside of Taker, Heyman, Lesnar, Vince, and probably Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, nobody else knew the finish of the match.

However, the betting odds late Sunday shifted and had Brock Lesnar as the favorite in the match.

Vince McMahon was going into Sunday with the assumption that this was The Undertaker’s last match and chose to go with the idea of having him lose on his way out so Taker would have lost regardless of who he faced this year. One person familiar with the situation noted that McMahon talked Taker into it but someone else said that while it was McMahon’s call that Taker agreed to it and didn’t need to be talked into it. He wasn’t going to do it if he didn’t want to.

Also, at the end of the match the announcers didn’t know what to do and the 21-1 graphic and music were not ready right away. This is why there was silence before McMahon gave the announcers the cue to talk about Taker like it was that last we’ve seen of The Undertaker.

The story on Raw about Taker almost suffering a broken neck was said to be exaggerated but he did suffer a severe concussion. There were conflicting reports about Taker being backstage. The final word on that was that he was there but the company chose not to use him. He was limping bad and did not look to be in good shape.

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