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Details on WWE Mixed Match Challenge start time and format



Everyone is talking about WWE Mixed Match Challenge and it could be a pretty special event. But not a lot is known about what the show will actually consist of or even how long it will be. All we seem to know at this point it the MMC will happen after SmackDown Live on January 16th and it will be on Facebook Watch.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter had a few more details about the show's expected format and duration. The MMC show is expected to start around 10:05 pm after SmackDown Live. Therefore, if you're in the live crowd you won't have much time to go anywhere or you could miss the show.

As it turns out this much-hyped series isn't going to last long when it comes to duration either. It is expected to contain one match per week with a projected end time around 10:20 pm. Therefore 205 Live would lose that extra time and go until around 10:55 pm each week while the MMC is on the air.

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This is a clever way of keeping 205 Live as an actual live show and also gives fans watching on Facebook Live enough of a show as well. Only time will tell if WWE plans on airing some longer format shows via a streaming service like Facebook Watch, but the fifteen-minute Mixed Match Challenge shows could be a great way to test the waters as WWE ventures out into yet another frontier.

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