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Did WWE officials really lose faith in Baron Corbin?

Baron Corbin ran down to interrupt the John Cena vs Jinder Mahal encounter after Big Match John put The Modern Day Maharaja out of commission with an AA from the second rope. It was a sick move and would have undoubtedly put Mahal out for the count.

The Lone Wolf rushed in and broke up the pin ending the match with a DQ. John Cena took a shot to the head thanks to Corbin’s Money in the Bank briefcase but it would be the last time Baron could use his briefcase as a weapon because after wasting some time he cashed in his contract for a WWE Championship Title Match on the spot.

John Cena jumped up and caused a distraction acting like one of the Singh Brothers who had previously been removed from the ringside area. Mahal got the quick pin and now Baron Corbin joins Damien Sandow and John Cena on the short list of people who unsuccessfully cashed in their MITB contracts. Ironically John Cena had a lot to do with both instances.

Backstage rumors around Corbin’s situation say WWE might have lost faith in The Lone Wolf. There are rumors Baron Corbin’s recent social media activity and the fact he wasn’t able to stand toe-to-toe with John Cena in a verbal battle might have resulted in losing his coveted briefcase.

Baron recently had a pretty epic battle on Twitter with Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer Dave Meltzer that many have viewed as not the wisest decision. But even though some have seen this as a loss of a push it might only bring more motivation for Baron Corbin to fight harder for a top spot.

It’s important to mention even though Corbin might have lost his luggage with a championship contract inside, it doesn’t necessarily mean his push is dead. After all, he’s still in a very high profile match at SummerSlam against John Cena. If anything, this event might give Baron Corbin even more reason to tear Cena apart in Brooklyn. It also might cause his fans to become even more vocal which would be a good thing. After all, there were more than a few people who weren’t happy about how SmackDown Live ended.

The fact is the 32-year-old Corbin still has plenty of years ahead of him in the ring and he’s getting better. This might just be a minor setback for him and hopefully it will see Baron excelling to the top of the roster once again in due time.

But the most telling portion of this story has yet to transpire as Baron Corbin’s match against John Cena at SummerSlam will probably do a lot to determine what’s next for The Lone Wolf.

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