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Drew McIntyre teases return of injured WWE star



Drew McIntyre, who is receiving a big push from WWE, has teased the return of one star who has been on the sidelines. 

That star is former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. He’s been out of in-ring competition since June of last year where he was last seen in action against Ali at a WWE live event. He suffered a knee injury that forced him to undergo surgery and is currently recovering.

Mahal has been teasing on social media that he’s getting closer to making an in-ring return. 

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Mahal and McIntyre were members along with Heather Slater of 3MB. 

McIntyre was on The Bump recently where he noted that Mahal didn't necessarily start off on the best foot outside of the company. After a period of time where he wasn’t training and motivated, one day that all changed to the point where Mahal became the most driven person that he’s ever known in his life. 

McIntyre added, “You're going to see a whole new Jinder soon."