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Enzo Amore still has backstage heat in WWE but things could get worse for him this week

Enzo Amore is apparently not doing anything to get himself back into the good graces of the wrestlers backstage at WWE because his reputation has gotten worse over the last few weeks.

On Sunday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Amore continues to brag about his life in Los Angeles and he “won’t shut up” about the celebrities he’s been hanging out with. But that’s not all – Amore posted a bunch of photos of himself with names like Jaime Foxx and Steve Harvey at the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight and he claimed to have paid $10,000 for his seat. As you could imagine, that is not going to go over well with the talent if/when he brings it up this week.

Amore, now a part of the cruiserweight division, is on thin ice and his mic skills and connection with the crowd are helping him stay afloat in WWE but if he doesn’t do something to calm things down with his fellow co-workers, then you have to wonder how long he’ll last in WWE.

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Before and after the fight, he had some words for McGregor:

@thenotoriousmma I am gunna have your snot on my @Versace shirt tonight when @floydmayweather smacks the ? outta you ?? ….. & I HAVE A BETTER SEAT for it than that piece of ? SHARK-CAGE I was locked in & escaped from @barclayscenter over the ring at #SummerSlam to watch two 7 footers I HAVE BATTLED… 1 of which your opponent tonight @floydmayweather HAD THE BALLS TO STEP IN THE RING WITH in front of 74,000 + ….. @thenotoriousmma I'm not asking you if you ever been nose to nose, I'm saying YOU HAVE NEVER battled a #REAL heavyweight!???? Cause I can recall a time where former @ufc & current @wwe Heavy Weight Champion #BrockLesnar stood between me and winning the damn royal rumble…. and I ran straight at his ass in front of 52,000 at the alamo dome. Big ? fights? The most you have ever fought in front of is 16,000 ?…. That's every Monday for #SmackTalkerSkyWalker .. & now every #Tuesday… #205live … twice the exposure, & twice the amount of men getting a @jumpman23 broke off in their @$$!!!! And dog let's be real… if I had a dime for every round you are gunna win tonight against #PrettyBoyfloyd ….. I would have #ZERODIMES! Luckily I'll make my money back I spent on my ticket…… betting on @floydmayweather ?????????

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And still @floydmayweather ??

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Kevin Owens took a jab at Amore on Twitter:

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