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Eric Bischoff offers high praise to WWE Raw star



During a recent appearance on After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson, Eric Bischoff gave some high praise to WWE Raw Superstar Dolph Ziggler. Throughout the years, Ziggler has been one of the more loyal talents to the company despite what they have regarding creative for him on television. He’s held nearly all the championships that they have and has been a reliable talent both on the microphone when it comes to cutting promos and working in the ring.

He was a fan favorite in early in his career with most WWE fans believing that he could be a top star. However, WWE officials didn’t see it the same way.

Bischoff stated in this interview when asked which Superstar stands out most to him that when he watches Ziggler, he sees Kurt Angle in him due to his ability to be a comedy character one moment then a tough guy the next.

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“Whenever I see Dolph, I believe. Part of it is because I know his background. He’s like Kurt Angle in the sense that he can be a very comedic character one minute, and he can be a believable badass if he needs to be the next. And I kind of dig that. To me that’s believable.”

Bischoff also talks about Dave Meltzer’s future and NWO merchandise, and more.