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Eric Bischoff on Brock Lesnar going back to UFC, "he's a unique animal"

When Brock Lesnar announced he was rejoining the USADA testing pool and considering another run with UFC, it kind of broke the internet for a bit. Lesnar was also reportedly was telling WWE officials he didn't plan on re-signing with WWE. Everyone was speculating about why Brock would do this and whether or not this move was simply to gain leverage on WWE when he renegotiates his contract after WrestleMania.

Although there have been conflicting reports about whether or not Brock is going to take another MMA match, Eric Bischoff provided his opinion during a recent episode of Bischoff On Wrestling.

"Look, Brock is a unique animal man. He's capable of doing whatever he decides to put his mind to, clearly. You know, I understand it. Brock -- I think he probably wanted one more fight in the UFC, he wanted to end his MMA career, his UFC career probably on a high note."

"I think the fight with Mark Hunt left a bad taste in everyone's mouth including Brock's and that's probably not the way he wanted to end his MMA career. So I don't know Brock very well at all, but I know the kinda guy he is and I can understand why he's considering possibly making a return and more power to him."

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If Brock Lesnar returned to the UFC he might be dropping the Universal Title before that happens. After all, WWE officials probably don't want their champion to risk being beaten in a shoot fight setting. Whether or not they're setting it up for Lesnar to drop his Universal Title at SummerSlam is still up in the air. But a fatal four-way is certainly a good chance for a champion to drop their title without actually losing the match.

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