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Erick Rowan has revealed what is in his cage



After months of speculation and teases by WWE, Erick Rowan finally revealed what he has been carrying to the ring in a cage.

As seen this week on Monday Night Raw, there was a backstage segment with No Way Jose and his crew and he politely asked Rowan if he could show everyone what is in the cage.

Rowan agreed to do so and then he pulled out a giant tarantula. Jerry "The King" Lawler said the tarantula was moving so apparently it's alive. What it seems to be is a Hollywood prop or something from the toy store because it did not look real.

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So, there you have it…Rowan has been carrying a giant pet this whole time and they did it in a throwaway segment with no build. If you are wondering why AEW is gaining momentum, you can look back at WWE segments like this one.