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Ex-WWE writer explains how John Cena helped kill off a storyline with Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler hasn’t been around much on WWE recently. Although there might be a good reason why The Show Off has been absent from WWE television, his momentum as a Superstar can’t seem to reach the heights some believe he is capable of. He’s still working house shows and fans still love seeing him, but there seems to be a connection missing somewhere.

Former WWE writer Kevin Eck spoke on Wade Keller’s podcast about Dolph Ziggler during a conversation about why Baron Corbin has to deliver during in a SummerSlam match against John Cena.

“Cena will be very honest to his assessment of you. Dolph Ziggler’s the first guy that comes to mind, when they had a singles program together, in the beginning, John was all for it. John wanted to work with Dolph. And they did the house show loop together and as the heel, the heel traditionally calls the matches and John was letting Dolph call the matches and er… he wasn’t impressed.”

“And apparently John gave his assessment to Vince of Dolph and I think that sort of played into Vince’s thoughts already about Dolph and once that program ended it ended rather abruptly because Vince told us in a booking meeting one day: ‘God, I think we’re doing a disservice to John, this is bringing John down’ and so Dolph was moved out of that program.”

So what do you think about Ziggler? Is working with him really doing someone a disservice if he keeps putting people over the way he does? It’s hard to argue Dolph doesn’t know how to sell or create drama in a match.

Maybe someday Ziggler will reach his full potential, but until then it might be a long road full of Zig Zags and textbook dropkicks to get there.

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Credit for the quotes in this article goes to The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast


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