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Update on Dolph Ziggler and what’s going on with his character

The Show Off has been off WWE television recently. There have been some not too good things going on in his family and Shinsuke Nakamura even mentioned how Ziggler could be taking his talent to New Japan down the line. Dolph was also a part of some crazy drama with a YouTube star who claimed he was leaving too.

Things might seem to be up in the air as far as Ziggler is concerned. But one thing is for sure he hasn’t been featured on television to answer any questions for himself.

A query about Ziggler and his whereabouts recently came up on Wrestling Observer Radio where Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez commented about Dolph’s WWE status. It is true Ziggler is being kept off television right now, but apparently it has less to do about Ziggler leaving and more to do with the fact WWE doesn’t have anything for him right now.

There are plenty of stories in production on WWE’s blue brand and Ziggler just doesn’t fit into any of them at this moment. He’s still working house shows, and still getting paid by WWE. It’s just a waiting game at this point.

Dolph has been in the same boat before and kept off television to revitalize his character. We’ve seen him as a cheerleader, a ladies man, and a heel so his diversity and range shouldn’t be discounted.

On a later episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted something new was going to happen with Ziggler on WWE television, he just isn’t sure what it is going to be at this point. But it sounds like he could be in line for another repackaging.

So, if you’re one of Dolph’s many fans from his work in the ring, the stage, or on Tinder then you can rest easy because it doesn’t sound like WWE has given up on Ziggler just yet.

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