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Filmmaker Jon Bravo: “15 wrestlers, past and present” on steroid dealer customer list

Filmmaker Jon Bravo was recently interviewed by Devon Nicholson for “The Hannibal TV” to talk about the recent steroid allegations about Josh Duhamel, Mark Wahlberg and Roman Reigns.

Bravo says that of all of the people he’s discussed on his YouTube channel, Reigns is the most interesting because of the timing of his purchases. He says that he understands why Reigns denied knowing WFN owner Richard Rodriguez because it could get him in trouble in regards to WWE’s wellness policy. He says that the orders he place were a couple of months before his 2016 suspension. At the time, it was reported that he failed for Adderall but the timing of his purchases from Rodriguez could mean that he really failed for something else. It should be noted that WWE never disclosed what Reigns failed for and the Adderall story is what was being said backstage.

Bravo said that there is a huge list of names that include celebrities, athletes, and everyday people. He added that “there’s 15 wrestlers, past and present, who are on this list.” Bravo says that he believes that Reigns’ 2016 wellness test failure was from the steroids that he allegedly ordered. He has yet to look at the records from 2017 but that will all be included in his next YouTube video. That is an important thing to remember because if there are records that show that Reigns used a banned substance after his 2016 suspension then he could be subject to a 60-day suspension, in accordance with the WWE Wellness Policy.

Bravo said that there is another name that could be connected to WWE but he can’t say who it is unless he is given permission by Rodriguez. He said that Rodriguez only mentioned Reigns because he was one of the names mentioned in the court discovery. He said, “Richard explained in the phone call, he did not target these people for no reason. He’s not trying to rat out people. That’s not what his goal in this was. He mentioned those names for a particular reason and he said that those names were mentioned in the court discovery process.” He added, “Usually what that means is that the DEA spoke to these individuals.” Bravo said that the DEA only cares about the distributors and they are not going after individuals.

I want to remind everyone that these are just allegations and we have yet to see proof of any of this. With that said, you can listen to the Jon Bravo interview by clicking below:

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