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Former WWE star Charlie Haas issues statement on rumors about his health, returning to the ring in 2022

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Former WWE star Charlie Haas, who recently debuted on Impact Wrestling television, issued the following statement about his future and he addressed rumors about his health.

"Before my appearance on Impact, I've been out of the public spotlight for quite some time. During that time, I saw all the posts & questions about my health & well being just because of some random shots that came from an SWE show I did. The truth is, I've always been just fine. I've been away being a father. That was my priority for my 4 wonderful kids. But now, my 2 sons especially are obsessed with wrestling & it's time to show them & the world (in case they forgot), why I was in something that was considered The World's Greatest. There's no dream opponent list I'm writing down. I want anyone at any time in any place. 2022 is shaping up as a great time to be a pro wrestling fan. But it's also shaping up as a great time to be a pro wrestler. FTR vs The Rock & Roll Express, Effy vs Jeff Jarrett. Just a couple examples this year of the wild matchups once thought impossible. That's what I want to be a part of. The Haas of Pain Tour starts NOW!"

Haas noted in the tweet below that he is available for bookings, seminars and signings and can be reached at

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