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Former WWE star returning for Evolution pay-per-view?



Former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle's latest post on Instagram has many fans thinking that she will be one of the names brought back for the Evolution pay-per-view on October 26.

She said, "NO EXCUSES! Adapt to situations! Training until the moment I step on stage! @ted@tedxytown@wweOnce a wrestler, always a wrestler!"

The caption was accompanied by a video of her lacing up her wrestling boots in preparation for a workout. For what it's worth, Michelle is one of the names on the list of women that the company wants to bring back for the show. Several women from the "Divas" era are going to be getting a call. There's been talk of doing a battle royal on the show to get as many names involved as possible. WWE is hyping that there will be over 50 women on the show.

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