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Former WWE Superstar to undergo open heart surgery on Monday

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We would like to send along best wishes to former WCW Champion/former WWE Superstar Vader. As many of you know, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2016. He attributes the issues to his heart to his football and wrestling careers. His years of drinking probably didn't do him any favors either. On November 2016, he was told that he only had about two years left to live.

On Wednesday, he revealed on Twitter that he would be going in for full blown open heart surgery in Dallas, Texas on Monday.

Vader previously said that he was undergoing heart surgery (presumably a minor heart procedure compared to his upcoming surgery) on March 13.

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The former WCW Champion has been working out with Diamond Dallas Page and recent photos on his Twitter account appear to show that he has lost weight so hopefully, that helps his long-term health.

Here is another recent tweet from Vader:

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