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Gerald Brisco: I just don't think there's any comparison between Cody and Dusty Rhodes

Gerald Brisco spoke with Sportskeeda this week where he was asked if Cody will be able to surpass Dusty Rhodes career achievements.

'No, because I don't think anybody can rise to the level that 'The American Dream' was. I mean, he was another one of these phenoms that come along just every once a while and I got to see that from the very beginning. Cody has a lot of talent. He's very, very smart, and he's a very intelligent guy,” Brisco began.

“You go through the roster now and not only are a lot of these stars very, very good in the ring, but they're very bright as businessmen and that wasn't around a lot when I was coming up. You know, you had guys off the street and guys like that. Cody is a very intelligent young man. Cody knows how to become a star, but there's only one 'American Dream.'”

“We all love him to death and miss him. I mean, I've missed the phone calls. Dusty used to just call me out of the blue sometimes with just one line, like, ‘Screw Oklahoma' or something like that. That was our friendship. We just didn't need to talk for 20 minutes. We would just b.s. a couple of minutes and rib each other about football or rib each other about life in general. I miss those phone calls and I miss that smile that 'The American Dream' had.”

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“I wish Cody the best. I think he developed himself into one of the best in the world, but no, I just don't think there's any comparison to 'The American Dream'. They have completely different styles, completely different vibe, and completely different mindsets," Brisco said.

"They both have one thing in common. They're both very bright businessmen when it comes to the sport of sports entertainment. He's gonna make it and he's gonna remain sharp for the rest of his life."

You can view Gerald Brisco's thoughts on Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes below.

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