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Goldberg defeated Bray Wyatt to win WWE Universal Championship at Super ShowDown



In the main event of WWE Super ShowDown, "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt put up his Universal Championship against Goldberg.

The match started with a face-off and Goldberg speared him out of nowhere but The Fiend kicked out of the pin attempt. Wyatt locked in the mandible claw but Goldberg powered out of it and then he hit another spear. Goldberg hit a third spear and then followed up with a fourth spear. He went for the pin but Wyatt kicked out. Wyatt sat up and locked in the mandible claw but Goldberg headbutted his way out of it. Goldberg hit the jackhammer and then pinned Wyatt to win the title. Wyatt got up as Goldberg was celebrating but the lights went out and Wyatt disappeared. The match was short...about 3 minutes or so.

As noted earlier, WWE has made some big changes to the top matches at WrestleMania. Click here for news on those changes.

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