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Heat on Jim Ross over comments made about Vince McMahon

If you watched the 3/3 Raw then you might have noticed that on the commentary that Vince McMahon (through John Layfield) took a shot at Jim Ross on commentary. Layfield said that Vince McMahon was a better announcer than Jim Ross and comparing the two is like comparing ice cream to horse manure. Basically, Layfield is Vince’s voice and is saying what Vince is telling him on the headset.

This all started because some people in WWE were upset at Jim Ross for telling a story on the Opie and Anthony show about Vince McMahon sharting himself years ago. The incident happened in the late 90s during the Attitude era. Vince decided to play a joke on Gerald Brisco (known for having a weak stomach) and proceeded to pass gas in Brisco’s face but instead he accidentally “sharted” himself. Vince still had to go out for his segment and the brown stain was visible on his pants but the cameraman (smartly) knew not to shoot it for TV.

After Vince returned backstage he changed pants and was holding the dirty pants and tried to chase Brisco to make him vomit, Triple H grabbed Brisco so he couldn’t get away but Brisco used an amateur wrestling move and reversed it and got away. The story got out on TMZ and other websites so the comments on Raw on 3/3 were a receipt to Jim Ross.

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