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Hilarious online reactions to Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan's father/son reveal on Raw



If this was an episode of Maury, the famous talk show host would have said: "Kurt Angle in the case of 28-year-old Jason Jordan... you are the father."

It was a shocking reveal on Raw, but it was kind of expected. There were a lot of rumors flying around about who Kurt Angle's big secret could have been and a member of American Alpha being The Olympic Hero's illegitimate son was certainly one of them. People just generally guessed the wrong member of American Alpha who would turn out to be Mr. Angle's baby boy.

There were a lot of people shocked by this news and some people weren't happy WWE went this direction at all. One person who had nothing but positive things to say about the angle was none other than Angle's newly crowed son, Jason Jordan.

Jordan said he was proud to be "gold-blooded" and it sound like that verbiage might stick around.

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Jason Jordan's tag team partner in American Alpha seemed somewhat surprised by this news though. It seems odd that Corey Graves knew about this but Jordan's own tag team partner was left in the dark.

Finally we move on to a former WWE Superstar. The freshly released Greatest Man That Ever Lived seemed to take this news with a grain of hilarity as he commented on how Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle's son. A Double revealed he is also rapper Pitbull's long-lost twin brother. Austin Aries does share a striking resemblance to Pitbull with a shaved head though.

Finally let's go to the backstage area where Mean Gene is waiting with his comments. Okerlund was quick to plug the WWF Hotline where you can call and get all the latest scoops. If he could just remember what the number is anymore.

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