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Hulk Hogan scheduled for Arsenio Hall show on Friday; Hogan talks about his sex tape

Hulk Hogan is scheduled for the Arsenio Hall Show on Friday. Arsenio is a big wrestling fan so expect to see alot of current WWE personalities on the show. For those that don’t know, Hogan appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1991. At the time it was said that Arsenio was led to believe that Hogan would come out and admit to past steroid use. It was considered a big deal back then because this was during the very beginning of the steroids in wrestling allegations. Well, Hogan went on and only admitted to doing them a couple of times “while they were legal” to treat an injury under a doctors care. Hogan got a lot of heat in the media for that and it was later revealed that he used them more than just a few times in the late 80s. To be fair to Hogan, the 80s were the wild west and a large percentage of athletes (not just the WWF) were on stuff back then and into the 90s.

Hogan, as noted ealier, is scheduled for Raw tonight.

Hogan was on the Opie and Anthony show today and joked that if he did anything physical it would just consist of guys running into his fist.

Hulk Hogan also appeared on Huff Post Live and talked about the sex tape. I think most people figured it out but I think this is the first time Hulk has publicly stated that Bubba the Love Sponge released the sex tape. You can watch the interview by clicking here.

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