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Hulk Hogan wants to be Braun Strowman’s manager

Braun Strowman is big, mean, and he might have stolen the show at SummerSlam. But he started off as just a Rosebud carrying Adam Rose to the ring. Strowman was soon adopted into The Wyatt Family where he learned the art of pro wrestling three great ring psychologists. The fact he was also working with WWE’s amazing staff on the road didn’t hurt him either. They molded a great pro wrestler out of the former strong man and Braun loves causing devastation wherever he goes. He also loves throwing office chairs which is a fantasy for some people who work in cubicles, I assure you.

Through Braun Strowman’s journey of destruction he’s caught the eye of several people. Fans are flocking to cheer for The Monster Among Men and one former WWE Hall Of Famer is obviously very impressed as well. Hulk Hogan recently tweeted out how he was hanging out at the beach like he does because he obviously enjoys getting a nice tan going on. But while lounging around being The Hulkster, he pondered whether he should have taken a different direction with his pro wrestling career.

Hogan asked himself whether he should have been a referee or possibly Braun Strowman’s manager. Those are two entirely different things, but both give amazing visuals. It might have been said in a joking manner, but if Hulk Hogan did come back to WWE as Braun Strowman’s manager it would definitely be water cooler conversation the next day at the office… and then Braun Strowman could jump in and toss a desk chair at that guy you hate in human resources.

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