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Identities revealed for Retribution members that appeared on WWE Raw



As previously noted, one of the members of Retribution that appeared on Raw this week was Mia Yim.

Based on how things are playing out for her on NXT, it looks like she may be one of the members who are eventually revealed because it was noted on NXT this week that she's been on a losing streak. Yim furthered the storyline on Twitter by hinting at being frustrated and "tired" so there is a reason for her to be part of the group of unhappy Superstars.

Dave Meltzer noted in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the members of Retribution this week are believed to be Yim, Kayden Carter, Dominik Dijakovic, Chelsea Green, Shane Thorne, and Dio Maddin.

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There have been others playing roles in the group in recent weeks so some of the names mentioned might not be the final members of the group. However, Meltzer also noted that Dijakovic and Green were supposed to move up to the main roster, which may mean that they are not just fill-ins for the group. Both of them have not appeared on NXT TV in several weeks.

It's interesting that Vink was in the group. He and Shane Thorne were brought up a few months ago but then they were split and Thorne is back in NXT. The feeling on Vink is that he could eventually become a top star because he is well-spoken and he's a big guy with the type of body that Vince McMahon prefers.