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Identity of Asuka’s intended opponent on Raw revealed

Nobody’s ready for Asuka but it turns out maybe The Empress Of Tomorrow wasn’t ready for Nia Jax this week on Raw.

In an attempt to stop Asuka, Alexa Bliss thought she would resort to some High School tactics so she told Nia Jax something awful that Asuka supposedly said about her. It was so bad Little Miss Bliss even had to whisper it into Nia’s ear instead of saying it out loud.

Even though Nia Jax acted like she didn’t believe Alexa Bliss, she still decided to jump Asuka while in the middle of her trademark pose on the turnbuckle during her entrance. Jax simply plucked Asuska off the top turnbuckle and hit her with an electric chair drop effectively ending Asuka’s match before it even started.

But The Empress Of Tomorrow was all ready to compete and even had an enhancement talent come to the ring for the match. Squared Circle Sirens reports that Asuka’s intended opponent on Raw this week was Amazing Maria.

Maria wrestles in the Midwest and is also a six-time OVW Women’s Champion as well as the first-ever (and longest reigning) WCCW Women’s Champion, first-ever USWF Women’s Champion, and first-ever Queen Of The Bluegrass. Needless to say, she has been a part of many firsts in her career and this week on Raw Maria was also part of another first when Asuka was left laying after a segment on Raw after being jumped before the bell rang.

It might have worked out better for Amazing Maria that she didn’t fight Asuka though because she wouldn’t have been the first women to get her head kicked in by the longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion.

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