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Impact Wrestling president Ed Nordholm sends message to EC 3



Ethan Carter III might have started in Impact Wrestling where he debuted as Dixie Carter's spoiled nephew but he soon broke out of that role and his character took on a life of its own. Now it looks like EC 3 has come full circle as he ended up back with WWE where he spent a short time as Derrick Bateman before jumping to TNA.

But Bateman is no more and he's still EC 3. Now as he enters a new chapter of his career, the former TNA World Champion can look back with pride as he takes on NXT with a brand new zeal.

Impact recently aired EC 3's exit from the company when he came up on the wrong end of a Feast Or Fired match. The importance of this moment wasn't lost on EC 3 as he sent out a social media message thanking his former home while saying, "let the 3rd act begin."

Carter was with WWE then he went to TNA and now he's back so this 3rd act is certainly something he's waited a long time for.

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Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm certainly noticed EC 3's message and sent a message back thanking Dixie Carter's spoiled nephew and saying he will be watching EC 3's 3rd act "with interest."

Let's just see what EC 3 will be able to do with his 3rd act. He's already off to a great start and in a very interesting position at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. We won't spoil that for you, but you can check it out here.

Nordholm could mean a couple things by his statement if you really want to break down his wording, but the important part is that he's obviously supportive.

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