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Interesting name featured in Survivor Series advertisement

Survivor Series is coming up in November when WWE fans will flock to Los Angeles for a big destination event as the Staples Center plays host to the annual Thanksgiving classic.

WWE is offering travel packages for the big show and some people might have noticed one currently-injured Superstar featured in the Survivor Series graphic which really piqued our interest.

Jason Jordan will miss WrestleMania 34 because of a neck injury but it’s said he’ll be back sooner than later. It really is remarkable what they can do medically for people nowadays. It looks like WWE still has big plans for JJ as well because he’s featured alongside other top Superstars in the Survivor Series advertisement.

Ronda Rousey is also featured but that shouldn’t be a huge surprise because she was also featured on the SummerSlam ticket. Of course, it’s very noticeable how Brock Lesnar is absent as well and Dean Ambrose is nowhere to be seen either which is unfortunate because The Lunatic Fringe could be ready to return around that time. It’s also notable to me how people like Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Alexa Bliss are missing as well but they only had room for so many and these were the 8 Superstars they picked for the graphic. So we have to ask ourselves why did they include Kurt Angle’s baby boy over so many other options?

Take this for what you will because this kind of advertisement is obviously made up well in advance. But it certainly appears WWE plans to have Jason Jordan around for Survivor Series and he will apparently still have enough of a push behind him to make the graphic for the last Big 4 pay-per-view of 2018.

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