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Is there backstage heat on Sasha Banks for the spot that injured Paige?



You never know what can happen in a wrestling ring and a lot of things are out of anybody's control. Paige had a great career and there was seemingly years ahead of her, but it looks like all of that might be over at this point so early in not only her career but life. For the latest on Paige's status, you can click here.

Paige was practically born in a pro wrestling ring and the idea that she won't be able to compete anymore is a rather sad set of circumstances. But some fans are placing the blame on the shoulders of Sasha Banks. After all, it was a kick from The Boss which sent Paige slamming to the canvas during her last match. If you'd like to see that brutal and possibly career-ending spot, you can check that out here.

But PW Insider reports there is currently no backstage heat on Sasha Banks over the incident. This is great news because it's bad enough Banks probably feels awful for this happening in the first place. The spot where Paige was hurt is something Sasha Banks and Paige had done before and even successfully pulled off the previous night inside Madison Square Garden.

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It's being seen as the kind of thing that could have happened to anybody. So no matter who actually pulled off the spot in question, the blame isn't being placed on Banks.

This is good news for Sasha Banks because the last thing anyone needs is the stigma of having a proclivity of injuring people in the ring. But it still won't help the situation for Paige.

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