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Jack Swagger (Jake Hager) was dominant in his Bellator MMA debut

Jake Hager

Jake Hager (former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger) made his Mixed Martial Arts debut on Saturday night at Bellator 214. Hager took on JW Kiser, the 41-year old with a 1-1 professional record. Kiser has fought in dozens of amateur fights.

In a pre-fight interview, Hager said that he's been doing this in some form since he was 5 years old so he wasn't worried about getting hit for real. R-Truth sang the entrance music for Hager.

Hager quickly pressed him up against the fence and then took him down to the ground to start the 1st round. Hager won with strikes and then a triangle submission in the first round.

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In the post-fight interview, Hager said hard work paid off. He said that fans would be seeing a lot of him in Bellator. "I plan on this being life for the next decade," Hager said.

"Sometimes to convince Vince, you have to con Vince baby", Hager said about Vince McMahon telling him not to lose.

Here is video of the finish for the fight: