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Jack Swagger reflects on past frustrations with WWE creative

Jake Hager Jack Swagger

Former WWE Superstar Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) recently did an interview with Nick Hausman of the WINCLY podcast where he talked about a wide range of topics.

During the interview, he was asked about the comments that Jon Moxley made about his frustrations with WWE creative during his tenure with the promotion and if Moxley's opinions were similar to his.

"I didn't hear the podcast but I saw a lot of headlines and from what I saw it does resonate. It's one of those things when you have a big company, things get lost or wasted," Swagger said before being asked if there was ever something he was asked to do that he didn't like or felt uncomfortable with.

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"Character-wise, all the time but nothing sexually like you're making it sound [laughs]… Stuff like the 1000th episode of Raw and I got beat by Brodus Clay in six seconds. I literally took a turnbuckle and he covered me just because of time restraints. It was a big episode to be on but stuff like that and not having the amount of time to do anything," said Swagger.

Swagger has made the transition to being a pro-MMA fighter. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has signed a contract with Bellator MMA and already competed inside of the cage twice.

Swagger added that if a talent gets time on TV then it’s up to the talent to take it and make it what it is.