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Jaxson Ryker on WWE management reaction to his tweets, WWE talent wearing BLM logo on their gear



On the "Wrestling For The Faith" podcast, former WWE star Chad Lail (Jaxson Ryker) talked about the tweets that got him in hot water with WWE and he talked about his release.

Lail said, "And you know, man, God took it and I ended up going back to TV in December of 2020 there, you know [and] got released whatever, last November 2021. I had fun, dude, you know what I mean? Like God allowed me to continue to work a little longer, save some money. Not only that, but I'll look at when all this started happening, just me seeking God instead of being the Mad drunk idiot back in my 20s trying to pull out my gun and shoot people."

Lail talked about the reaction from WWE management. He said, "They told me to lay low. [The] head of talent relations at the time, you know, I would email him weekly [and ask] what's going on? What's going on? He would say just lay low. Don't tweet. They never luckily, asked me to take the tweet down or issue an apology because I would have politely said no. I really do stand firm on that. But I was just told to lay low, don't tweet anything. That's the thing that was a little weird, because certain talent ... who could go out and live TV and have the BLM logo on their trunks or certain talent who could tweet about, you know, pro abortion views or and all this stuff? And I was just like, dude, what am I -- so this is really, where my stint with WWE, like the spirit started working in me going, 'maybe this isn't for you, this company and for you. So we're going to bide our time here.' And that's when I really start praying, 'Lord, when it's time for the door to close, let the thing shut.' And when it did back in November I was at peace about it. You know, we talked about that. But yeah, I was just told to lay low, don't tweet for a while, don't reply to anybody, which I never do that anyway. But that's really what they were telling me to do. There was never, 'we want you to issue an apology' because, dude, I would have said, 'No, I'm not gonna do that.' That was the reaction from the office."

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