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Jazzy Gabert is done with NXT UK after WWE contract expires

Jazzy Gabert noted on Twitter that she is now a free agent.

I don’t have many details other than sources close to her have said that her contract has expired and her tweet is not storyline-related. She signed with NXT UK last January. I was also told that it was her decision not to sign a new contract.

Gabert said on Instagram that she would be going offline for a short while from social media and she plans on changing her look.

If she plans on continuing with pro wrestling, I am sure promoters will be reaching out to her because she comes across as a superstar.

Here is her Instagram post:

“I will press the RESET button!! I will be OFFLINE for a short while!
Need a change! Will change!

Body, mind and soul needs a break!! 10 days of fasting, including keeping off from social media, is the first step

Second one, which I look most forward too is changing my look!
And I change my profession… one came to an end and one is rising like a Phoenix. Watch out for it!
Thank you for being on this journey.”

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