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Jim Ross explains why Buff Bagwell was fired by WWE in 2001



This week on Grilling JR, Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson discussed WWF's Invasion pay-per-view from 2001. This was the most successful non-WrestleMania pay-per-view event in company history.

Topics discussed on this show include the 10-man tag main event between Team WWF vs. Team Alliance, Kurt Angle and Steve Austin's comedy skits, why certain top WCW names were not signed, Steve Austin getting injured by Booker T, Tough Enough, and more.

Ross gave some insight into WWE releasing Buff Bagwell shortly after debut in WWE:

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“Buff had a higher opinion of his work than Vince did. I’ve become the bad guy because I’m the middle man. I’m the guy that delivers the bad news, or the good news at times. I don’t hold any animosity to this day on Marc Bagwell whatsoever. I saw where he had a car wreck, and it was involving, I think drinking, maybe. Something here the last few months. He just wasn’t a good fit. That partying lifestyle, we’re trying to distance ourselves a little bit if we could. Vince just didn’t see the money in Marc that Marc saw in himself.

I can only deal with the hand that’s dealt me when I’m told, ‘This kid is not going to get it. I want you to let him go.’ When we were in Atlanta, we went to a little room there. I remember it vividly. I didn’t enjoy doing it. How in the hell can you be a human being and tell a human being that they’re done? I’m not that person. I felt for him, and I felt bad for him. It didn’t have a lot to do with Judy (Bagwell), but that’s good dirt. Damn, that’s really good dirt. Judy had little to do with that. Marc’s own personal habits, and the way he conducted himself was f**ked up. Let the air out of his sails. But if he had a better attitude then at that young age, at that point in time, we’re talking over 20 years ago, he would have had a shot to get playing time. He wasn’t given that opportunity. It seemed like partying was a little more important to him than being a professional.”

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