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Jim Ross on NJPW’s Wrestle Kindom 10 event and TNA’s move to Pop TV

jim ross

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website where he gives his thoughts on NJPW’s Wrestle Kindom 10 and TNA’s move to Pop TV. Here are the highlights.

On NJPW’s Wrestle Kindom 10:

I watched five hours of NJPW on @AXSTV Friday night upon arriving home from the Orange Bowl. @MauroRanallo and @JoshLBarnett do a stout job on the action packed one hour broadcasts. They stay with the action and push me to make an emotional investment which is missing in many pro wrestling broadcasts these days.

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On TNA’s move to Pop TV:

TNA Impact Wrestling debuts on Pop TV this Tuesday night January 5. Curious to see what changes TNA institutes and how they are going to rebrand their company. Only one chance to relaunch with a first impression that is impactful, no pun intended. Hopefully, they will play to their strength which is their bell to bell product and not over scripted, bad acting. Let the horses run!

You can read the entire blog here.