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Photo Credit: WWE/ New Japan Pro Wrestling


John Cena on joining Bullet Club, The Young Bucks respond

Not only does John Cena get points for pulling out a Major League reference here, but he also gets a ton of credit for his communication skills to get him out of a tough question. Big Match John was recently asked if he would join The Bullet Club and he simply said he didn’t think they’d have him. But it was interesting how he said “it’s a pretty elite club” obviously meaning he’s very much aware of their antics.

But Cena still said he’s a grizzled veteran and doesn’t know if they’d have him while making a wonderful reference to Cleveland Indians third baseman Roger Dorn.

Nick Jackson was quick to reply and let Super Cena know he would be more than welcomed to join the elite ranks of The Bullet Club. Can you imagine the John Cena Bullet Club t-shirts and how fast they’d fly off of Hot Topic’s shelves?

Of course, the likelihood of this happening is slim to none, but just Cena’s response to this question alone deserves props for knowing how to speak on the spot.

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