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Why Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode were teamed up for WWE Mixed Match Challenge

The WWE Mixed Match Challenge is set to be a pretty entertaining set of shows which could result in something much bigger down the line.

But first, a decision needed to be made of who to pair with each other. While some teams might seem totally random, there could be a reason for this because WWE might want to show as eclectic of a spectrum of talent as possible. For instance, a team like Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair only share the fact that they were champions in NXT and they both wear robes.

As it turns out, the fact they both wear robes to the ring is exactly why WWE places them together. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that the reason Charlotte and Roode were placed on the same team is so WWE could call them “The Robe Warriors.” Dave Meltzer even went on to confirm by saying, “that really was the reason” just in case someone thought he was kidding.

It is a pretty clever name borrowing from the Road Warriors, and as long as they don’t come down to the ring wearing robes with spikes on them I think it’s a fine and quite punny tribute to Animal and Hawk.

Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode have already been having a lot of fun with the fact they both wear robes to the ring and have even tried each other’s on. While Charlotte appears quite comfy in Roode’s robe, The Glorious one looks like if he moved much he might rip Flair’s entrance attire apart.

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