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John Cena returns to Raw for a confrontation with Roman Reigns

On this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, they hyped that Kurt Angle would have a “big Superstar surprise” for the fans in Brooklyn and the fans watching at home.

Here is a rundown of what happened so please bear with me because this was written as the segment was happening…

Angle came out to the stage area and announced the return of John Cena. It’s his first appearance on Raw in over a year. Cena ran out to the ring and cut a promo. Cena said that Angle asked him if he’d like to return to Raw. Cena said yes but not because Smackdown is bad but for a long time he’s wanted to stand “in this ring on Monday Night Raw and be face to face with a certain WWE Superstar.”

Roman Reigns music played and he came out to the ring. Cena said that he is exactly the guy who he’s been looking for. Reigns said that the only time Cena looks for him is when he runs his mouth on Twitter. He asked Cena if he would run his mouth to his face. Fans started cheering for The Undertaker. Cena said that the Raw audience can hold a bit of a grudge sometimes but he didn’t come to Raw to talk. Cena took his shirt off and was ready to fight but The Miz and his Miztourage interrupted.

Miz said that he is tired of people like Reigns and Cena getting moment after moment after moment so he is here to take their moment. Miz said that he had to “ride the pine” on SummerSlam and then asked the crowd if Raw needs John Cena. Most of them chanted “no.”  Miz yelled at Cena and Reigns and said that Raw is his show and ripped on the crowd because they don’t know whether to cheer or boo Cena or Reigns. The fans cheered Miz’ promo. Miz said that he is the guy that deserves to be the main event of WrestleMania and he’s been earning respect for 12 damn years. He yelled “where is my moment?!” as fans chanted “you deserve it.”

Cena said that he has an idea. He offered up Miz and one of his lackeys a match with him and his tag-team partner Roman Reigns. Reigns didn’t seem too thrilled with Cena volunteering him. But wait… Samoa Joe’s music played and he came out to the ring. Joe offered himself as The Miz’ partner. Joe said that he is tired of Reigns claiming that this ring is his yard because he owns Reigns. Joe then turned his attention to Cena and punched him. A brawl broke out. Cena and Reigns cleared the ring but Joe locked in the coquina clutch on Cena. Reigns hit Joe with the Superman punch and Cena and Reigns stood face to face in the ring again as fans chanted “you both suck.” After the break, they announced that Miz and Joe would take on Cena and Reigns in the main event.

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