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John Cena shoots on Roman Reigns, says he’s just a “lazy stooge named Joe”

John Cena kicked off WWE Friday Night SmackDown to react to Roman Reigns declining to face him at SummerSlam. Last week, Reigns decided to accept Finn Balor’s challenge for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam.

Cena praised Balor but said that Reigns is just a “scared little kid” for rejecting the challenge last week. Cena said Reigns rejected him for not changing his music, his look or who he is in his heart but that’s like asking Stone Cold Steve Austin to return as Sasquatch Steve Houston or The Rock coming back as Dwayne “Too Small” Johnson.

Cena said that Reigns has to change every two years because the fans stop caring about him because they don’t believe in him and he doesn’t believe in himself. Cena called him a “lazy stooge named Joe” who coasts by the system and he’s afraid to fail.

Cena said he was rejected because Reigns is afraid of how he will be made to look. At that point, a disheveled Baron Corbin walked out to the ring. Corbin told Cena that his credit is ruined after his identity was ruined and now he is “unable to perform” after getting hit in the private are last week and his wife left him. The segment with Corbin insulting Cena and then Cena delivering an Attitude Adjustment.

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