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Keith Lee defeated Adam Cole to win the WWE NXT Championship at The Great American Bash



The second night of WWE NXT: The Great American Bash concluded with an excellent main event with both the NXT North American and NXT Championship on the line in a Winner Take All Match.

As is the case for most NXT title matches, there were plenty of near falls as both men came close to ending the match at various times. In the closing minutes of the match, Lee was able to kick out after taking a Panama Sunrise. He was also able to kick out after taking several kicks to the face. Cole also hit the running knee to the back of the head (Last Shot) but Lee countered the Panama Sunrise attempt with the Spirit Bomb and the Big Bang Catastrophe to win the title.

This match was up against Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy at AEW Fyter Fest so it will be interesting to see what the ratings look like when they come out tomorrow.

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