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Kevin Nash on why Hulk Hogan is the greatest worker of all-time, why parts of wrestling died at WWE Hell in a Cell 98



Eric Bischoff welcomed Kevin Nash as his guest on a special episode of the "83 Weeks" podcast to talk about the NWO and other wrestling-related subjects.

Nash explained why he believes Hulk Hogan is the greatest worker of all time:

“People will always ask me, ‘Who’s the greatest worker of all time?’, and I’ll say, ‘Hulk Hogan.’ They will say, ‘What?’ The number one thing about being a pro wrestler is you have to, in my era, you have to be able to go out there 300 nights minimum a year, and do this. That’s part of the job. The one thing that that I always knew, and I probably worked with Hulk 30-50 times in my life where we’ve been against each other doing something, I knew for a matter of fact, a million percent, I would bet everything I own, that I’m going to come back to the locker room in the exact same shape that I left it. That’s the key to the work. I’ll say it to the day I die, one of the biggest parts of our business that died happened at Hell in the Cell when Mick Foley fell, whatever he fell, 40 feet through that table, because now we took work, and made it a stunt.”

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Nash went on to say: “In 2002 or 2003, whenever I had my Hell in the Cell, they came to me with it. I said, ‘Great, if we don’t go out of the cell.’ They looked at me like, ‘Oh, this is going to be s**t. This will be horrible.’ I said, ‘He’s been running from me for three months. That’s what a cell is for. That’s what a cage is for. The cage is because the heel continues to get away from the babyface, and now he can’t.”

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