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Kevin Owens addresses recent alleged nude photo leak

kevin owens

If you were recently cruising the internet searching for the latest leaked nude pictures and ran across some of Kevin Owens then this might be a little bit of a let down. Well, if you wanted to see Kevin Owens nude it would be a disappointment but everyone else still needs to keep reading because this is a good one.

In a day and age when the next "fappening' can strike out of nowhere you never know who will be leaked next. We have seen people like Paige, Charlotte, and Maria Kanellis leaked in the past couple of months and that's only naming a few. But there are also some pictures floating around on the information super highway claiming to be leaked nude pictures of Kevin Owens.

Kevin decided he wanted to put this matter to rest as quickly as possible and tweeted out that these alleged photos are not legit. The former New Face Of America went on to call these photos laughable and he said there are some incredibly pathetic people out there.

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Of course Matt Jackson from The Young Bucks had to weigh in on this situation too. His response to these allegations was simply gold.

So the next time you're cruising for leaked photos and you come across some claiming to be Kevin Owens, if you click on them (why would you click, why?!) just know that whoever you see in those pictures is not KO at all. But Owens probably does think you need to get a life while you're at it.

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