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Kofi Kingston addresses negative comments about his accidental Royal Rumble elimination



Kofi Kingston’s traditional near-elimination spot didn’t go as planned as he accidentally botched it in the 2022 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match this past Saturday night.

He went for a spring board move, but was pushed off and tried to land onto the ringside barricade. However, both feet ended up hitting the floor. Since the moment was clearly caught on camera, WWE called it as a shoot and Kofi was officially eliminated from the match.

Kofi issued the following statement on Instagram regarding the spot and the negativity that he received:

“The past couple days on social media, I’ve gotten a lot of ‘Why would you think that was even possible?’ and ‘Why would you even try that?’ The answer to that question is quite easy: because of the potential reward. What if you were to succeed in overcoming what is deemed ‘impossible’?

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The sense of accomplishment felt when you beat the odds and brazenly defy the probabilities is purely ecstatic. Peoples questions then morph into ‘How in the world did you do that?!’ and ‘I never thought that would be possible!’ But alas, it was not to be…this time…

However, even in failure there is also a reward; one that may be more valuable than success. That reward is: Self learning and growth. True strength. Failure forces you to take look within and learn about yourself. Do you mope around and sulk? Do you hide and feel sorry for yourself? Maybe for a little while. I think that’s natural. But then you use those emotions as a catalyst to push yourself and to drive yourself to be better.

The castles of success are built in part from keystones of failure…Anyway, this isn’t a cry for sympathetic messages in the comments or anything lol. I just saw this as a great opportunity to encourage people out there who might be on the fence about trying something because it’s too risky or because they are afraid. Push yourself to try, even when you know the risks. In my case, all the possible risks became a reality: physical injury, the emotional weight of letting people down by literally falling short of delivering on their expectations, the risk of being laughed at and ridiculed for deciding to try the impossible.

And still if given another chance in choosing whether or not to make the attempt…I’d change nothing. No guts, no glory. No risk it, no biscuit. No pressure, no diamonds. You gotta bet it to get it. All the quotes…Many great rewards come to those who push the limits…”

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