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Lita and Bayley share hugs and tears as they discuss the Royal Rumble

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It can be debated who is really responsible for the amazing spotlight the women in WWE are experiencing right now but none of it would be possible without people like Lita paving the way.

The former member of Team Xtreme came into the Women's Royal Rumble in surprise fashion as the #5 entrant and got right to work like she never went away. Now as she looks back at everything that led not only herself but the entire WWE women's roster to this point it's hard not to get emotional.

Bayley sat on the ring apron before the big match with one of her heroes as they soaked in the moment and as you can see, it was hard to hold in all of the emotion. Lita might live a regular life now but she will always have a special place in her heart for WWE. While talking about some of the women who couldn't be there like Luna Vachon and Chyna, Lita got a little choked up.

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WWE's cameras really did capture a pretty cool moment in time when they interviewed Bayley and Lita before they took the ring in Philly.