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Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson want to reform Bullet Club with Finn Balor in WWE



Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson appeared on episode 113 of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast to talk about their current run in WWE and more. Gallows and Anderson noted that their run in WWE has a been a bit stop and start. Anderson stated that they’re entertaining the masses, putting smiles on people’s faces and enjoying traveling the whole world. He said that they’re trying their hardest and throwing a lot of pitches out there but they just to seem to be failing. Gallows added that they’re fighting the good fight and that they will get there.

Former Bullet Club member, Finn Balor, who is currently out of action with a shoulder injury, is eying a return around WrestleMania 33 time. Anderson stated that he couldn't wait for Balor to return and is afraid that Balor is kayfabing him about when he’ll return to in-ring action. He noted that he named his second son after Balor (his middle name). He said that he would be hot at him if Balor returned before Anderson thought he would. He added that Balor should come back and WWE should allow them to reform the original Bullet Club. “We'll just tear everything apart. That's one of those pitches we've thrown.”

Check out the podcast here.

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