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Major update on Daniel Bryan's health; What WWE is not saying publicly

I wish there was better news on this but there's not. Daniel Bryan's rehab on his right arm is going slower than they anticipated. Someone close to the situation noted that not only is he not making progress but he is losing strength in his arm while doing rehab. The issue with his arm stems from his neck issues. That is a major concern. Backstage at Raw the Daniel Bryan injury was the most talked about thing among the people in power.

Bryan's prognosis was the reason why they decided to do the Money In The Bank backup plan because they didn't want to do another pay-per-view without the world title at stake. There is a feeling from some that Bryan will still try to wrestle at the Money In The Bank show even if it's not the best thing to do for his health. Right now there is a tremendous amount of pressure in real life on him to be ready, whether it's direct or implied.

If Bryan doesn't wrestle and the title is put up for grabs in the Money In The Bank match then they may end up doing a second Money In The Bank match at that show for the title shot opportunity. Vince McMahon is making all of the decisions right now regarding the Daniel Bryan angle.

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