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Maria Kanellis gives advice for people helping others deal with addiction

Addiction can strike anyone no matter who you are. It isn’t easy to get over and will present a life-long battle but it makes it much easier if you have a support system like a good woman by your side. As it turns out you can’t get much better of a woman than Maria Kanellis.

Maria’s husband Mike Kanellis recently revealed he had overcome a battle with addiction. It had to be a hard thing to talk about but through his strength, we can only imagine how many people he’s positively influencing. It’s a great thing Mike was able to get through that awful period in his life so he can carry on spreading his message about the power of love.

Maria Kanellis is also using her status to help as many people as she can. She started fielding questions and giving advice on the subject. Maria would be a great person to talk about this kind of thing seeing how she lived through it herself.

As time goes by hopefully Mike Kanellis’ losing ways will turn around. But at least he’s able to provide a shining example of overcoming the unforgiving grip of addiction.

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