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Mark Henry rips Ryback: “A lot of his peers looked at him as dangerous”

On the latest Busted Open Radio, it was noted that the WWE on Fox Twitter account recently tweeted out “The best superstar to never win the WWE Championship is…”

Henry said that some fans started answering Ryback. Ryback looked at that and responded to it by saying: “Wrestling is fake, guys, and the championships are props to market their entertainers as “champions”.  Nobody has actually won or lost a prop as scripted physical entertainment is incapable of that.  This tweet explains so much though on your TV deal with them.”

Henry responded to Ryback:  “Sour grapes.  It’s about talent and the way that your peers look at you.  A lot of his peers looked at him as difficult.  A lot of his peers looked at him as dangerous.  I worked with him a bunch of times and never had no problems.  I didn’t like getting chopped, especially with gloves with a little metal bar in them.  It hurt like hell.  And yes, we talk about it on this show all the time, that it’s a show.  It’s sports entertainment.  It is a reflection of sports.  We don’t use the term fake.  The championship is the championship.  It’s not a prop and he’s wrong.  He’s 100% wrong.  I’ve been a world champion in three sports, and I consider pro wrestling one of those, but it was the politics that got me to the top.  It was the fact that I’m a damn good entertainer that got me to the top because entertainment is in the name, the job description.  It’s sports.  I’ve been a world champion in two other sports and a national champion in another sport that led me to the WWE.  Ryback can’t take away what I’ve achieved and it was an achievement.  It is an achievement when a guy starts in little gyms learning how to wrestle or coming from amateur backgrounds or wherever they came from.  It’s an achievement to get brought up to the indies and say, you know what, I’m going to work in this promotion and the promotion goes, wow man, people care about you.  The people, the fans, that love sports entertainment like you. You earned that.  You achieved that.  Then the big times call.  AEW, New Japan, WWE, ROH, Impact, MLW, whatever company.  They call you and say hey man, we really would like to have a meeting with you about coming in and working for us.  He contradicted himself by saying, and I quote, “Nobody has actually ever won or lost a prop as scripted physical entertainment is incapable of that.”  What I just said just debunked what he just said in that quote.

There is no way that your bitter a*s, and I’m talking to you Ryback.  Your name is not Ryback or whatever your name is.  I don’t even know your real name.  Skip, whatever it is.  You are wrong.  Every wrestler that sees your face should walk up to you and say, “Hey, your an as*hole.”  I hope you know how to fight for real because you know and I know there’s a lot of people that would whoop your ass.  If I saw you, I would tell you, “Hey man, you’re an as*hole.”  If you want it with me, you can get the first one.  Go ahead.  Your punches taste like candy.  There are a bunch of guys out there that feel the same way I do, the way you talk sh*t on our business.  I feed my family with this business.  This show, hey, it’s a show about wrestling.  I’m not an active talent.  I’m not an employee, but I love the business enough to not let you sit here and talk sh*t on it and trivialize it because you failed.  Because you didn’t achieve.  Because you didn’t become a champion.  So you feel like it’s something that’s given.  It’s a prop.  You’re wrong.  It’s a championship for a company that’s a sports entertainment company.  What have you ever been a champion in outside of wrestling?  Are you a champion in your own home?  Do your dogs like you?  Do people around you respect you for being more than a wrestler or a muscle head?  I’ve been a muscle head my whole life and people respect me for it.  You owe the wrestling industry an apology.  If you don’t, I think that pro wrestlers all over the world should never give you respect.  When they see you, they should walk in front of you.  They should stand in line in front of you and force you to fight them.  I have zero respect for you…I said it before.  I’ve never had a problem in the ring with Ryback, but I know how difficult he can be.

I know that when stuff was not skewed in his direction and it wasn’t about him, he’s going to Vince McMahon’s office and he’s going to sit there until Vince comes out so he can say, “Hey boss, man, I’ve lost like three weeks in a row.”  Listen, I’ve had close to 8,000 matches from beginning to end.  I guarantee you that if somebody did a tally that I’ve probably lost abou 80% of those.  It’s not about winning and losing.  It’s about the achievement part.  It’s about earning your way to the top to where the company sees you as a viable commodity and can we sell tickets?  Can we put as*es in the seats with this guy?  They obviously thought, no, with Ryback and he’s bitter about it.  He’ wrong and he owes the wrestling industry an apology, and if he don’t get it, wrestlers all over the world should sh*t on him for the rest of his existence.”

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