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In an exclusive interview for, Matt Cardona talked about the NWA, Nick Aldis, his feud with Bully Ray, a possible match with Tyrus, and the rumors about a potential return to WWE.

Cardona was asked why he thinks Nick Aldis left the NWA:

“Nick was the face of the company for so many years. He did a great job representing the company, not only as the face of the company, but as the champion. When you thought of the NWA, you thought of Nick Aldis. Him and I never really got to have our final battle. I got injured at Alwayz Ready. Nick is a top-tier athlete, top-tier performer. I have all the respect in the world for him. Why he left, I mean, that’s his business, but it doesn’t affect me personally or professionally, so I really don’t give a damn.”

Cardona was asked if he would address the rumors saying that he and Chelsea Green are returning to WWE:

“No. (He would not answer that). I’m the Internet Champion. Of course, I see what’s being talked about. Let the people talk. I’m a former tag team champion, former Intercontinental Champion, former United States champion. I do have some unfinished business. To quote Justin Bieber, never say never.”

On his feud with Bully Ray:

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“We got a big match coming up at the ECW Arena on December 17th. He’s been extreme shaming me saying that I’m not extreme and I’m not hardcore, but I am an ECW original. I’m the deathmatch king.”

On a possible match with Tyrus:

"I never lost the title. I was promised a rematch. I was not promised a triple threat scenario, and then I wasn't pinned in that triple threat scenario. So in my mind, I am still the real world champion. I really wanted to close 2022 as a two time NWA world's heavyweight champion. I thought 2021 was my most successful year in pro wrestling, but then 2022 kicked 2021 right in the ass. So I'm excited to see what happens in 2023. I would love to have the 10 pounds of gold again.”

“You know, it's a title with so much legacy and tradition. I'm not here to invade NWA. I'm not this outsider. I'm not trying to throw the title in the trash. I'm not trying to spray paint it. You know, I want to save the NWA. The NWA needs saving. Tyrus, he's going to be on Fox News every week with that title, but it is not the national talk show alliance, it's the National Wrestling Alliance and I'm someone who will be making those towns, whether I'm defending those titles, whether I'm just walking out with it, you know, whether it's in the background of my podcast. I should be the face of the company. Tyrus will be, you know, he's great. Give him an NWA hat to wear on Fox News. You know, a nice hat."

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