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Matt Hardy says goodbye following WWE Raw segment, AEW tease in latest Free The Delete video



Matt Hardy took to Twitter to say goodbye to fans after the brutal beatdown suffered by the hands of Randy Orton.

Hardy's tweet below includes a link to the latest "Free The Delete" video, which features an interesting tease that seems to strongly hint that he is the exalted one in AEW's Dark Order.

For those of you that missed it, Hardy briefly turned on Vanguard 1 before asking him why he would have faith in a little trinket. Matt's voice was digitally altered and then Vanguard 1 does a scan of Matt and then Matt says, "I AM EXA...I AM EXAL...I AM EXHAUSTED" before Matt's voice changes back, apparently teasing that he was going to say that he is the exalted one in the Dark Order.

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Again, nothing is confirmed until it happens but it sure does look like Matt will be revealed as the leader of the Dark Order sometime after March 1st when his WWE contract expires.

For those of you who have not seen it yet, scroll down to see the latest "Free The Delete" episode.