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Matt Hardy's latest tweet leads to retirement speculation



A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about a tweet from Matt Hardy that implied that it was time for The Hardys to move on. Many fans took it as Matt and Jeff saying that their time was up. It's no secret that both of them are beat up from 25+ years in the ring. Jeff, in particular, is working with back and neck issues and has stated publicly that he has toned his style down at non-televised events.

Matt had the weekend off, presumably to give him some time to heal his body. At 43 years old, the bumps and life on the road can take a toll on you so it would not surprise me if his days in the ring, at least as a full-time performer, are winding down.

In Matt's latest tweet, he took some time to thank the fans that have supported him over the years. He hasn't outright said that he is retiring but most fans on Twitter are assuming that his days in the ring are winding down. If that is the case, then he has had a hell of a career and you have to give credit to him for being able to find ways to stay relevant all of these years.

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